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Casa Valle Cannobina
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Spoccia is a small village located at altitude 800 meters above sea level and centrally located place Valle Cannobina, as is located 13 km. from the town of Cannobio (located on Lago Maggiore) and 15 km. from Valle Vigezzo (also known as "Valle dei Pittori"). Its position in addition to ensuring beautiful view of the valley and a large sunshine all year round, appears to be appreciated both for those who want to spend time on the shores of Lake Maggiore, or for those who want to hike in the mountains of any level, from excursion for the whole family to those more difficult.
The Valle Cannobina
Valle Cannobina is an important communication route between Lago Maggiore (Cannobio) and the Valle Vigezzo,  is characterized by a main road that runs completely in west-east direction, in which branch off all roads to reach the various countries of the valley.
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